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I just love looking at smut like this. Where a girl gets her face covered with the sticky stuff. It isn’t just the cumshot that I like so much. I like the fact that she’s smiling. It is so much better watching a girl receive a facial when she’s smiling and having fun. I like it when a girl talks to a guy when he cums on her face. When she says dirty things as he’s jerking off. My dick is throbbing in my underwear right now. I really do wish I could cum on a face like that. Maybe I will jerk off and cum on my computer screen. Doesn’t that sound dirty? I’m sure I’m not the only guy that’s thought of doing that!

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There’s a lot going on in this world right now. A lot of people protesting. A lot of people that are just plain mad. I can understand. I feel like protesting myself. I want to protest the fact that I have no one to shoot cum on. I want to shoot my cum on a pretty face like this. Do you think anything would change if I protested? I really doubt it would. That’s why I’m sticking to cum porn. The one thing that I like more than anything else. Especially when the models are the like one you see here. This girl is the reason why I like this stuff so much. She is more than just a cum sponge. A girl like her is a great fuck. More than just a great fuck, she makes fantasies come true. Especially if the guy she’s fucking has a facial cumshot fantasy.

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If you love facial porn, then you must love this. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Look at how much cum is on her face. She is a pretty girl too. I mean, she’s not some ugly whore. Sometimes you see that when it comes to cum porn. The girl might be really ugly. But, she’s the furthest thing from being ugly. I sure would love to make her face dirty. It would be a dream come true to make her face a messy. I don’t know if I could cum as much as this guy did. But, I know I would give it my best shot!

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This is the most classic position in all of porno. Where the woman gets on her knees and looks up. While the guy jerks off right in front of her face. There’s stuff going on before that. Hardcore stuff like sex and blowjobs. Usually this is the position women get into when they get their faces covered. Jizz shot all over the face of this beauty. I can’t seem to understand if her hair is wet or greasy. But, I know you aren’t going to be thinking about her hair. You’re going to be thinking about the cum shot on her pretty face. In this picture you can see that he’s shooting cum on her face. Covering her face making it look so pretty. Cumshots, this is what we live for!

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